Video Relay Service: Now Available On-the-Go

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Deaf Seniors of America - New Horizons, Summer 2011

Deaf and hard-of-hearing people have anticipated having the same mobile communication options that hearing people have, such as cell phones. That day has finally arrived!

With the development of mobile phones that have forward facing cameras, such as HTC Evo® and the Samsung Nexus S®, and PCs with built-in cameras or webcams, it is now possible to have access to Video Relay Service® (VRS®) no matter where you are. No longer do you have to stay at home and rely only on your videophone for communication.

VRS providers, such as Sorenson Communications®, offer electronic software (apps) and computer software that can be downloaded to your mobile phone or PC with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating systems. By using these solutions, you can communicate in sign language when you are away from home, on your mobile device or on your PC, either point-to-point with another sign language user or with a VRS® call to a hearing person.

The Sorenson solutions, which are called ntouch® Mobile and ntouch® PC, can be downloaded at no cost. After you apply for an account on Sorenson’s website,, a trained service technician will visit you and assign you a mobile VRS phone number and help set up your phone or computer. It’s a very simple process, and customer service representatives are available to answer questions about setting up your account through the website as well. Now you can make calls from the golf course, while on vacation or while out running errands. These products provide a new level of communication freedom. And mobile VRS provides you with security. You can make E911 calls from your mobile device or PC if you are ever in an emergency situation.

To learn more about ntouch services, visit or call 1-801-386-8500 (VP) or 1-866-756-6729 (phone).

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