Connecting to Zoom audio through Sorenson Relay

  1. When you receive an invitation to a Zoom meeting, it will typically have a phone number and Meeting ID. There may also be a passcode included if the meeting organizer wants one.
  2. In your ntouch® device, dial the phone number.
  3. Tell the interpreter that you are joining a Zoom meeting. Give the interpreter the Meeting ID (and passcode if there is one).

    NOTE: Telephone call-in options are not automatically included in Basic (free) accounts at this time. If your invitation does not have a phone number listed, the conference call may be hosted by a Basic account. Please contact Zoom at to explain your situation and that you need a telephone call-in number for an interpreter.

Connecting to Zoom video

  1. You can join the Zoom meeting through an email invitation, meeting request, or your browser. If you are joining via the email invitation or meeting request, open the email or meeting and click on the link after “Join Zoom Meeting” (as shown in the image above) then jump to step 7 below. If joining through your browser, continue to step 2.
  2. Open in your browser (ie, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  3. Click on “Join A Meeting” in the upper area of the Zoom page.

4. Enter the Meeting ID.

5. You may see a pop-up that says “Open Zoom Meetings? wants to open this application.” with two options:

  • Open Zoom Meetings
  • Cancel

6. Click “Open Zoom Meetings”. You may see a pop-up that asks you to enter the meeting passcode. Enter the Passcode from your email or meeting invitation then click “Join Meeting”.

7. You may see “Please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon.” if you do, wait for the meeting host to let you in. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

8. Click the “Continue” button on the bottom right.

9. You are now in the meeting. You may need to turn your video on. You do this by clicking “Start Video” at the bottom left of the meeting window.