Language is Power

We understand how important relationships are to success! With the largest staff of skilled sign language interpreters in the world, we can meet any interpreting need.

Over-Video Interpreting

Sorenson provides over-video sign language interpreting for any situation.

Interpreted Phone Calls

Using Sorenson videophones and relay services, Deaf people place and receive phone calls to/from hearing people using American Sign Language interpreters.

Innovative/Advanced Calling Products

Sorenson apps for computers and mobile devices give Deaf employees access to communication on the go.

Firewall-Friendly Technology

Sorenson understands the importance of network security, which is why our videophones are designed to securely operate behind firewalls.

Robust Infrastructure

The industry leader with best-in-class technology and the largest outreach and customer care teams.

Payment Structure

Over-video interpreting services are paid for by the requesting organization. Video Relay Services are provided at no charge to any end users.

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