Say Hello to Wavello

Designed for your hearing friends and family, Wavello is an all new VRS experience. Through the Wavello app, you can now see the person you are chatting with as well as the ASL interpreter.

Wavello Information for Hearing Family and Friends

Connect Like Never Before

Get the Whole Picture

See the true emotion of the caller(s).

Improve Relationships

Strengthen bonds with family & friends.

Trusted Interpreting

Continue to enjoy our highest quality interpreting.

Q: How do I download Wavello?

A: Wavello is already included in ntouch® products so there’s no need to download a separate app.

Q: How is Wavello different from Video Relay?

A: Wavello is a VRS call supported with video – everyone on the call, including the Deaf person, the hearing person, and the interpreter, can be seen.

Q: Is Wavello like Group Call?

A: Wavello is a Video Relay call that shows the Deaf person, hearing person, and an interpreter. No additional callers can be added to the call.

Q: Can anyone use Wavello?

A: Yes, both Deaf and hearing people can use this feature. Once in a VRS call, Deaf people use an ntouch® product to initiate a Wavello call to a hearing person who has downloaded the Wavello app and registered their phone number.

Wavello Information for Hearing Family and Friends

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