Introducing Lumina™️

Our fifth-generation videophone, Lumina™️, offers upgraded Deaf-centric hardware, a modern camera, faster processor, and much brighter call flashers, helping you to further advance your relationships like never before.

Sleek, Multifunctional Design

Fits nicely atop TV + answers calls without remote

LightRing® & Themes

Multiple colors and patterns, plus 6 eye-pleasing UI themes


See when you have missed calls and SignMails

A Step Above

Here at Sorenson we take pride in providing video technology that not only makes for an enjoyable interpreting experience, but continues to raise the bar as an industry leader. Here are some things that make Lumina™️ an upgraded experience in every way.

icon: ringing bell
2x Louder Ringer

icon: two times
2x Alert Flashers

icon: lock on screen

icon: gauge meter
Faster Boot-up

icon: bluetooth
2x Bluetooth® Range

icon: three times speed
3x WiFi Range

icon: lightening on cpu
2x Faster CPU

icon: lens
8x Lens Focus Speed

icon: screen with award ribbon
Improved Video Quality

icon: moon
Better Lowlight Performance

icon: four times camera
4x Camera Resolution

Q: How do I get the new videophone?

A: If you are a current Sorenson Relay customer, you are already on the list and will be contacted when your new videophone is ready to be installed. If you are not a current Sorenson Relay customer, you can apply for a Sorenson Relay account below.

Q: What are the technical specs of Lumina™️?

A: You can download our info sheet above.

Q: Is there a minimum TV requirement?

A: You can use any size TV that is 720p and up.

Q: Why Choose Sorenson?

A: At Sorenson Communications, we don’t just accept things as they are, we put our energy into imagining how communication should become.

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