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The VRS leader

Sorenson provides the highest-quality American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters and the broadest range of products designed specifically to bridge communication between Deaf and hearing people.

We provide extensive outreach, customer service, and technical support so users can communicate 24/7 at home, work, or on the go.  

How it works

Through a high-speed internet connection, Deaf callers use a videophone, computer, or mobile device, to place Sorenson Relay calls to hearing people, who receive the calls on a standard phone. 

Calls route through an interpreting center,  where an interpreter, fluent in ASL and spoken English or Spanish, appears on the device.

The Deaf caller signs the message to the interpreter, and the interpreter relays the conversation between the two parties.

As both Deaf and hearing callers use their preferred language, communication is smooth, natural, and seamless. This 24/7 service is paid for by the government’s Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) fund.

To qualify for Sorenson Relay, you must be Deaf and use American Sign Language to communicate.

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