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Making it Work for You

A Deaf Child’s Guide to Sorenson and Making it Work for You.

Are you a Deaf or hard-of-hearing K-12 student and want to keep in touch with school friends and hearing friends and family?

We have a solution for you!

Technology advances have introduced videophones and Video Relay Services (VRS) to our community. These combined technologies provide a skilled sign language interpreter to relay conversations between Deaf/hard-of-hearing and hearing people who are in two different locations.

Use Sorenson Relay to communicate with your hearing parents on the phone

Be seen with Wavello – Deaf, hearing, and interpreter all on video in the same call

Hang out at home alone with peace of mind knowing you can be safe in an emergency with E911

You can chat with up to 10 classmates and teachers using Group Call

Use your own voice on Sorenson Relay with Voice Carry Over.

Our interpreters are ready for your Conference Calls in Zoom, Google Chat, and more!

Let’s get started

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Enhanced 911

Enhanced 911 (E911) is an additional service offered through VRS. Like a traditional call, a Deaf individual can dial 911 using a videophone or mobile device. With Sorenson Relay, E911 calls are given priority and immediately routed to the first available interpreter, and then routed to the nearest emergency response center (based on the caller’s registered address). Children can feel more secure knowing they have a way to call for help in an emergency. This peace of mind extends to working parents with children who are home alone after school.


Q: I am a minor (under 18). How do I get a videophone?
A: To fill out a videophone application form for minors, you and a parent or guardian can go to and fill it out.

Q: Will there be assistance with installing our new videophone?
A: Yes. If you apply for a dedicated videophone, a Sorenson trainer will contact you and set up an appointment for installation.

Q: My parents have Deaf friends too. Can they also use the videophone to call their Deaf friends?
A: Yes! The videophone is available for anyone in your house to use to call other Deaf people!

Q: What are the requirements for getting a videophone?
A: To qualify for Sorenson Relay, you must be Deaf and use American Sign Language to communicate. Please visit for more information on the various products we have.

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