Privacy and Security

Your Privacy is Important

We protect your information

Your data has always been confidential and protected. Government regulations require us to submit some personal data about our customers to the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”). The cost of interpreting each video relay call is funded through a federal program administered by the FCC. The program uses this data to ensure that our customers are eligible for the service. No other organization or individual is provided with any of your data.

We protect your call content

Sorenson interpreters follow the interpreting Code of Ethics which includes keeping all call information confidential and not sharing any personal details with anyone else.

Make your conversations more secure

When using ntouch VP2, ntouch for Computers, ntouch Mobile, or Wavello, you can encrypt your media. Point-to-point, Sorenson Relay, Group Call, or SignMail, it’s all covered when you enable Media Encryption.

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