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Sleek designs. Easy-to-see cameras. Highest-quality video. Intuitive user interface. See why Sorenson videophones are used more than any other provider.

Introducing Lumina

At Sorenson Communications, we strive daily to provide you with the best technology to use to communicate with your family and friends. The Lumina continues that commitment.

Part of the Sorenson Ecosystem!

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New Themes for Lumina

Midnight. Ultraviolet. Lumina adds two awesome themes to our UI. That’s six eye-pleasing themes to choose from!

Technical Details.

Here are a few of the upgrades that make Lumina so awesome.

4X camera
Improved lowlight performance

Improved video quality
8x lens focus speed
2x faster CPU
3x WiFi speed
2x Bluetooth® range 
Faster boot-up
2x alert flashers
2x louder ringer

Sleek Design
Fits nicely atop TV

Customizable Lightring
Multiple colors and patterns

Answer calls or call Sorenson Relay without the remote

See when you have missed calls and Signmails


Q: How do I get the new videophone?

A: If you are a current Sorenson Relay customer, you are already on the list and will be contacted when your new videophone is ready to be installed. If you are not a current Sorenson Relay customer, you can apply for a Sorenson Relay account below.

Q: What are the technical specs of Lumina?

A: You can download our info sheet below.

Q: Is there a minimum TV requirement?

A: You can use any size TV that is 720p and up.

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Lumina Data Sheet

ntouch VP2

Still awesome after four years!

With 1080p HD video quality, an autofocus camera, integrated Bluetooth®, a sleek and attractive form, and a user interface with multiple themes including high-contrast, the ntouch VP2 has been a favorite for many years.

Get the details

ntouch VP2 is a  whole new VRS experience.
Get the ntouch VP2 info sheet or sign up for Sorenson Relay.

ntouch VP2 info sheet

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