ntouch VP2

The industry leader.

Sleek design. Easy-to-see camera. Highest-quality video. Intuitive user interface. See why the ntouch® VP2 has more fans than any other provider.

The best in the Business

At Sorenson Communications, we are always innovating and imagining how things should be.

Built specifically for Deaf communication, the ntouch VP2 offers dazzling design, remarkable clarity, and brilliant technology.

Remarkable clarity

  • 1080p HD video quality 
  • Autofocus camera
  • Sorenson Reflex Video

Dazzling Design

  • Handsome, new user interface
  • Sleek and attractive form
  • Compact remote control

Get the details

ntouch VP2 is a whole new VRS experience.
Get the VP2 info sheet.

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