Sorenson Communications Named One of America’s Best Employers for Women

SALT LAKE CITY – (Aug. 10, 2020Sorenson Communications, LLC has been named one of America’s Best Employers for Women 2020 by Forbes and the market research firm Statista. Sorenson ranked 112 on the list of employers with more than 1,000 employees in the United States that provide the most progressive work experiences. In addition, Sorenson ranked eighth among companies listed in the IT, internet, software and services industry.  

“We are pleased to receive this honor,” says Sorenson Chief Executive Officer Scott Wood. “The recognition really goes to our amazing employees, who enrich our culture every day. Sorenson was founded on the principle that all people have equal rights to communication access. In that same spirit, Sorenson is dedicated to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion which, in turn, empower us to better connect with our various communities.”

Sorenson Chief Legal Officer Cindy Williams adds, “Because we provide services to people who are Deaf and hard-of-hearing, we are sensitive to issues of access, including gender equality.”

Since March 12, Sorenson has hired more than 3,500 employees across all company divisions. Of those new hires, 66 percent were women.

The Forbes list of America’s Best Employers for Women was compiled through an independent survey that spanned all sectors (excluding government) and included 75,000 U.S. employees – 45,000 of whom were women. Companies named did not pay for or apply to appear on the list.

The survey asked all participants about general work-related topics, including atmosphere, working conditions, salaries/wages, and diversity with regard to their own employer. Women were specifically asked to rate their own employers regarding parental leave, family support, flexibility, discrimination, career/representation, and pay equity. In these same categories, participants were also asked to assess their companies’ performance on a five-point psychometric scale as well as given the option to evaluate other employers in their respective industries that stand out, either positively or negatively, with regard to gender issues. In this portion of the survey, only women’s recommendations were considered. Companies were also judged based on the share of women in executive management or board positions. The 300 companies receiving the highest overall scores were recognized as America’s Best Employers for Women 2020.

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About Sorenson Communications, LLC

Connecting Life. Sorenson Communications ( was founded on the principle that communication and being understood is fundamental to the human experience. Inspired by this belief and the core values of our communities, we develop the most trusted communication offerings, including Sorenson Relay, the highest-quality video interpreting service, and Sorenson Interpreting, which matches qualified sign language interpreters to specific assignment needs. As the largest private employer of Deaf people and sign language interpreters, Sorenson endeavors to provide each customer with an exceptional communication experience.

Sorenson offers innovative, Deaf-specific communication products, such as ntouch® videophones and ntouch software applications that connect PC, Mac®, and mobile device users to Sorenson Relay. For even more connected communication, Sorenson offers Wavello, which gives people who are Deaf and hearing as well as sign language interpreters the ability to see each other on the same relay call.

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If you choose Sorenson as your default provider, you can port your existing 10-digit number to Sorenson from another provider or Sorenson can provide you with one for the geographic area where you live or work. If you later change your default provider, you can port your number to that provider. When selecting Sorenson, you must provide to Sorenson the physical address (i.e., the Registered Location) from which you are placing the call, so that Sorenson can properly route any 911 calls you may make. If you move or change your location, you must notify Sorenson immediately. You can update your Registered Location from your Sorenson videophone by calling 800-659-4810 or by visiting Sorenson will confirm receipt of your Registered Location information. Emergency calls made via internet-based TRS may not function the same as traditional E911 service. For example, you may not be able to dial 911 if there is an internet-service failure or if you lose electrical power, and your 911 call may not be routed correctly if you have not updated your Registered Location. For more information on the process of obtaining 10-digit numbers and the limitations and risks associated with using Sorenson’s VRS to place a 911 call, please visit Sorenson’s website: For information on toll-free numbering, please visit

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