Sorenson Communications Named One of America’s Best Employers for Diversity 2020

SALT LAKE CITY – (Jan. 23, 2020) Forbes and the market research firm Statista has recognized Sorenson Communications, LLC as one of the Best Employers for Diversity 2020 in the United States. Sorenson ranked number 249 on the list of 500 employers – employers that received the most recommendations as well as those that boast the most diverse boards, executive ranks, and the most proactive diversity and inclusion initiatives. The Best Employers for Diversity 2020 were chosen based on an independent survey from a representative sample of 60,000 employees working for companies employing at least 1,000 people in their U.S. operations. The survey did not allow self recommendations – and those who recommended themselves were identified and removed. Respondents, who answered anonymously via online access panels between Oct. 7 and Nov. 8, 2019, were asked questions regarding the topics of age, gender equality, ethnicity, disability, LGBTQA+, and general diversity about their own employer.

“Sorenson is pleased with this recognition, and we are committed to promoting equality and diversity in our workplace,” says Sorenson Chief Executive Officer Scott Wood. “Because we work with Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, we are especially sensitive to issues of equal access and inclusion.”

Brian Breinholt, Sorenson Chief Human Resource Officer, adds, “Engaging and supporting a diverse workforce strengthens our organization and reinforces a rich culture of people who better relate to and serve our diverse communities.”

The ranking, the third annual list, is based on four criteria:

  • Direct and indirect recommendations from survey respondents
  • Diversity among top executives and board members, measured by the percentage of women represented across both groups
  • Diversity indicators related to corporate structure, which measured whether the company had a senior management position responsible for diversity.
  • Proactive communication on company websites highlighting a diverse and inclusive environment.

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About Sorenson Communications, LLC

Connecting Life. Sorenson Communications ( was founded on the principle that communication and being understood is fundamental to the human experience. Inspired by this belief and the core values of our communities, we develop the most trusted communication offerings, including Sorenson Relay, the highest-quality video interpreting service, and Sorenson Interpreting, which matches qualified sign language interpreters to specific assignment needs. As the largest private employer of Deaf people and sign language interpreters, Sorenson endeavors to provide each customer with an exceptional communication experience. Sorenson offers innovative, Deaf-specific communication products, such as ntouch® videophones and ntouch software applications that connect PC, Mac®, and mobile device users to Sorenson Relay. For more information, visit


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