2008 News Archive

Sorenson Communications’ solutions have garnered a lot of media attention. See below for what press and analysts have said about Sorenson products and services in years past.

Sorenson opens large call center

"Sorenson Communications Inc. has moved into a new call-relay center in Price and is on target to have more than 100 employees working by the end of the year."

Salt Lake Tribune Paul Beebe, The Salt Lake Tribune, October 1, 2008 Read Full Article

Videophone Booth at Regions Hospital in St. Paul

"My wife, Dianne, and I had a pleasant surprise while we were at Regions Hospital in St. Paul for our son's collarbone surgery. Dianne needed to make a call, and when we were notified that there was a videophone booth provided by Sorenson, free for anyone to use. We were thrilled."

Salt Lake Tribune Ric-Olin Lyles, The Deaf Advocate-A Minnesota Association of Deaf Citizens Publication Volume 9-Issue 1, Fall 2008 Read Full Article

County's OneStop center now equipped to help deaf job seekers

"Landing a job can be tough, particularly in a struggling economy. Now try doing it without the ability to hear."

Salt Lake Tribune Lisa Miller, Mansfield News Journal, August 11, 2008 Read Full Article

Firm's phone innovation will aid deaf individuals

"Sorenson Communications on Thursday began supplying its Video Relay Service users with Direct VP numbers for Sorenson videophones."

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Deseret News, June 22, 2008 Read Full Article

Salt Lake Company Simplifies Deaf Communications

"Few people can imagine life without such modern conveniences as the telephone and voice mail. But for the deaf community, the ease of dialing a number and getting instantly in touch with friends and family isn't so simple. KCPW's Elizabeth Ziegler talks with Salt Lake City's Sorenson Communications about an innovation unveiled this week."

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Elizabeth Ziegler, KCPW Radio, June 20, 2008 Read Full Article

Company introduces phone innovation for hearing-impaired

"Sorenson Communications today began supplying its Video Relay Service users with Direct VP numbers for Sorenson videophones."

Salt Lake Tribune Tom Harvey, Salt Lake Tribune, June 19, 2008 Read Full Article

Sorenson launches SIPRelay Mobile for BlackBerry Smartphones

"According to Sorenson, its SIPRelay Mobile, which works seamlessly with its current SIPRelay service, streamlines calling and enables deaf and hard-of-hearing users to place free calls while on the go to any hearing telephone user in the US and its territories. Users can place wireless calls from their call history list and from their BlackBerry smartphones' address book."

Salt Lake Tribune Staff Writer, Computer Business Review (CBR) online, June 16, 2008 Read Full Article

Phone helps impaired woman reunite with classmates

" As a student at the Clark School for the Deaf in Northhampton, Mass., Theresa Prichard was taught to not use sign language to communicate."

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Robert Deane, Shoshone News Press, June 5, 2008 Read Full Article

I thee wed - again

"When Elizabeth Dilena and Rex Clark first wed, it was 1954. Dilena (whose real name is Gladys, but she goes by Elizabeth) first met Clark in Chicago. She was on vacation from her home in Michigan, and he worked in Illinois as a butcher. Both are deaf, but that didn't hamper their courtship one bit. After dating for a month, they got married."

The Monitor Paula Evans Neuman, The News-Herald, April 23, 2008 Read Full Article

Deaf LOC Employees Get Videophones

“Until a few months ago, one quick phone call meant a slow, cumbersome process for Fred Pickering. As a deaf technology specialist at the Library of Congress, he couldn't just pick up the phone and ask a colleague a question. He had to visit in person, send an e-mail or begin the frustratingly slow process of typing out the conversation for a third party to read over the phone."

Iowa State Daily Emily Yehle, Roll Call, February 27, 2008 Read Full Article

Firm helps deaf at Library of Congress

"It will help me communicate with anyone I need to talk to about anything," said Fred Pickering, 60, who works in information technology, one of roughly 20 deaf library employees.

Salt Lake Tribune By Mike Gorrell, The Salt Lake Tribune, February 27, 2008 Read Full Article

Hearing services firm comes to Rochester Hills

"Sorenson Communications, a video relay service for the deaf and hard of hearing, will open a new, 3,500-square-foot office in Rochester Hills in March."

Gary Gosselin, Oakland Business Review, February 21, 2008 Read Full Article

Hospital videophones help deaf make calls

“ANN ARBOR -- Recovering in her hospital bed after brain surgery at the University of Michigan Hospital, Maureen Lantagne enjoyed an unusual dose of independence: She called her mother by herself on a videophone."

The Endevor Christina Stolarz, The Detroit News, January 25, 2008 Read Full Article

New technology available for the deaf

"The Jacksonville Public Library System has installed videophones for deaf people at all the library branches, which one manufacturer said appears to be the first time an entire library system has deployed the technology."

Salt Lake Tribune David Bauerlein, The Times-Union, January 17, 2008 Read Full Article

Communication Breakthrough

"For Stephen Hlibok, vice president and senior financial advisor at Merrill Lynch, the simple tasks of making morning telephone calls to clients was once a source of frustration. Hlibok, who is deaf, had to rely on inefficient texting and TTY relay services."

American Executive, January 2008 Read Full Article