Videophone Booth at Regions Hospital in St. Paul

By Ric-Olin Lyles MADC Treasurer

"My wife, Dianne, and I had a pleasant surprise while we were at Regions Hospital in St. Paul for our son's collarbone surgery. Dianne needed to make a call, and when we were notified that there was a videophone booth provided by Sorenson, free for anyone to use. We were thrilled."

"Dianne had no hassle in contacting the pharmacy, which made having the videophone available so convenient. I am so appreciative of Sorenson for providing this valuable videophone and service to Regions Hospital and its patients and visitors."

"If you are at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, you will find the videophone booth located under a stairway by the atrium elevators next to a dolphin statue. Again, my hat goes off to Sorenson and Regions Hospital for their kindness in providing equal telecommunication access. I hope other hospitals will follow this example and do the same at their facilities."

Note: The Regions Hospital videophone is believed to be the first videophone installation at a hospital in Minnesota.

From The MADC Deaf Advocate. Reprinted with permission. Back to Article List