Improving Health Outcomes

At Sorenson, our interpreters are here to remove communication barriers between patients and providers in order to improve health outcomes. Medical error is reduced when history can be taken accurately and when patient instructions can be understood.

Sorenson’s Medical Interpreter services are in a class of their own. We will also work with you to tailor services to fit your needs. You can also be assured that each Sorenson interpreter on your site has met the following baseline requirements:*

  • Passed criminal background checks using Social Security trace ID
  • Passed drug screening
  • Trained annually in HIPAA and how it applies to interpreters 
  • Trained in protecting themselves and patients from bloodborne pathogens
  • Conduct in the Workplace
  • Screened for tuberculosis
  • Vaccinated for influenza annually
  • Offered Hepatitis-B vaccination series

*May not be available in all areas. Inquire for details