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Whether you need to make a quick relay call from your office, have an interpreter come to your office to interpret a meeting, or need an interpreter for a Zoom or Teams meeting, Sorenson provides both VRS with Sorenson Relay and on-site or other interpreting needs with Sorenson Interpreting. Our team of experts can help walk you through the process of getting you up and running with Sorenson quickly.

We have the most robust deaf-centric features including the Sorenson Ecosystem so Deaf/hard of hearing employees never miss an important call whether you are in your office or home office.

  • Encryption, privacy, and security built-in
  • Highest-quality VRS interpreting 24/7
  • Smooth transition with no service interruption
  • No charge installation and service VRS equipment (hardware and/or apps) for qualified individuals
  • Separate work and personal accounts
  • Deaf and hearing support numbers and team members
  • Use the Voice Carry Over (VCO) feature when you want to use your own voice on a Sorenson Relay call.
  • On-site, in-person interpreting
  • Over-video VRI Interpreting through Zoom, Teams, and other platforms
  • Confidentiality, privacy, and security, including encrypted over-video/VRI communications
  • Highest-quality ASL interpreting in-person and over video
  • Pricing available for custom services not provided through VRS relay
  • Deaf consumer support number and team members
  • No charge installation and service of captioned telephone for qualified hard-of-hearing employees
  • Confidential, secure, private and encrypted communication
  • Touch screen display
  • Adjustable volume and frequency – meets TIA-4953 amplification standards
  • Apple iOS and Android apps available
  • Captioning available in English and Spanish

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