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Enjoy Sorenson Relay’s latest innovation. Now, see everyone on the call!

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Through the Wavello app, you can now see the person you are chatting with as well as the ASL interpreter. 

  • Download the free Wavello app. 
  • Register your phone number.

Here are some helpful tips for you to connect with Wavello the next time you use Sorenson Relay: 

Download the Wavello app for your phone from the Apple App or Google Play Store.

Register your phone number that you will use to talk to your Deaf friend or family member.

Important: After registering, make sure you click “Allow Notification” from Wavello app.

When your Deaf friend or family member calls you on your phone, use headphones or turn on your speakerphone.

After accepting the Wavello invitation, you should see your Deaf friend or family member on the screen.

Download Now:

Connect Like Never Before!

See true emotion.

Continue to enjoy our highest-quality interpreting.

Strengthen bonds with  family and friends.

Be Seen on your iOS and Android devices.

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How To Wavello

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve downloaded Wavello and registered my number. Now what?
Once you are talking to a Deaf person via Sorenson Relay, the Deaf person can send you a video call invitation.

How do I add video to my Sorenson Relay call?
Once you have registered your number on the Wavello app, the Deaf person you are talking to through Sorenson Relay can send you a video call invitation.

Can I call my Deaf friends from within the Wavello app?
No. You can call them through Sorenson Relay and let them know you have Wavello. They can then send you a video call invitation. 

> Download FAQ PDF

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