Sorenson Interpreters for FaceTime

A Powerful Combination!

Make a quick call with your friends or family on FaceTime and
get the highest-quality interpreters from Sorenson at the same time!

Our Growing Ecosystem

An awesome new way to use Sorenson Relay® is here.

Apple® has introduced a new feature to FaceTime® – FaceTime links. Apple users who have updated their devices to iOS® 15, iPadOS® 15, or macOS® Monterey can create a link and use that to invite others to FaceTime, including non-Apple users. By using this link, Deaf and hearing callers can now access a Sorenson interpreter. Just fill out the simple form below and use your natural language – spoken or signed – to communicate.

Connect in Four Easy Steps

Simply create and copy the link in your FaceTime app then send it to Sorenson by filling out this form and a Sorenson interpreter will join your FaceTime call.

Step 1

In your FaceTime app, tap Create Link then tap Copy.

Step 2

Go to this form, paste the link and fill out the rest of the form, then click Send Invite.

Step 3

Go back to FaceTime and enter your FaceTime call. The interpreter will join you soon.

Step 4

Once the interpreter is there, use the same link to invite others to join you through text or email.

For more detailed instructions, open or download this PDF

Invite an Interpreter Now

Please enter the information below to invite an interpreter to your FaceTime call.


Can either hearing or Deaf user invite Sorenson to the FaceTime call?

Yes, anyone can invite Sorenson interpreters to the FaceTime call as long as at least one person on the call has a videophone number registered with a VRS provider.

I don’t see the option to create a link in my FaceTime app. Why not?

You need to upgrade your Apple device to iOS 15, iPad 15, or macOS Monterey to use FaceTime links.

My friend does not have an Apple device / FaceTime. Can they join in the call?

Yes, if you give them the link you created on FaceTime, they can join the call from their web browser. Please see Apple’s support documentation for more details.