Synergy ITP

Sorenson Communications is currently pursuing opportunities to establish partnerships with Interpreter Training Programs (ITP) across the country to provide more learning opportunities in the real-life setting of Video Relay Services (VRS).

With the need for qualified sign language interpreters being so great, it is our belief that by working together, we can create a more holistic approach for students preparing to enter the field. Through partnership, institutions of higher education and Sorenson Relay can pool resources to prepare interpreters to work efficiently and synergistically across community, educational and VRS settings.

Partnership benefits provide:

  • A safe and supportive environment with observation opportunities for ITP students
  • Exposure to the VRS setting prior to graduation
  • A greater sense of community through program connections
  • Roundtables/virtual gatherings provided to participating students from all different programs
  • Increased resources for interpreter education
  • Developed VRS curriculum that can be utilized in the ITPs
  • A customized program to fit the needs of participating colleges

Partner with us!

Please fill out the ITP information below. The Synergy team will make contact soon.