Business Communications with Confidence

Providing an interpreter through Sorenson Interpreting is good business! You can be assured that our employees have been adequately trained, are covered by appropriate worker’s comprehensive and liability insurance, and have been thoroughly vetted for the best communication experience to fit your company needs.

More Than Just Interpreting

In addition to business interpreting services, Sorenson can provide enhanced services to your business.

Interpreters for Every Need

Sorenson can provide a virtual or on-site interpreter for interviews, HR trainings, or performance reviews.

Training Services

Training services for employers working with Deaf employees.

Resources for Interpreters

Training modules for on-site interpreters to prepare them for the unique environment of your facility.

Translation of Videos

Translation of training videos into permanent ASL versions for employees.

ASL Content

Localization of web site and marketing content into video of American Sign Language (ASL) to focus on Deaf customers.

Efficiency & Feedback

We provide accurate and timely reporting of Sorenson Interpreting services used, and collect regular feedback, ensuring your interpreting needs are met.

Contact Sorenson and let’s get started in helping your business communication needs today!