2007 News Archive

Sorenson Communications’ solutions have garnered a lot of media attention. See below for what press and analysts have said about Sorenson products and services in years past.

Communication Breakthrough

"Carbon and Emery Counties will soon see 100 new jobs, thanks to Sorenson Communications. Today the company announced the building a new SIPRelay Communication Center in Price. Sorenson is known for providing a free service to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, allowing them to use a computer or mobile device to contact hearing individuals."

Scott Haws, KSL 5, December 5, 2007 Download Video

Sorenson to open relay center in Price

"Sorenson Communications has been providing help for the deaf and hard-of-hearing for several years. Now it's going to be bringing help - in the form of jobs - to an area of Utah that could use it."

Deseret News Brice Wallace, Deseret Morning News, December 6, 2007 Read Full Article

System offers trilingual phone services to deaf

"A system called Video Relay Services allows deaf students to communicate with hearing individuals by phone."

Jon Coker, The Ranger, October 18, 2007 Read Full Article

Soldier reaches out to deaf parents

"COMBAT OUTPOST CLEARY, Iraq - Pfc. Patti Angel faces communication barriers no amount of waiting in line or talking into a phone from Iraq can help. Her parents are deaf."

Salt Lake Tribune Sgt. Natalie Rostek, 3rd HBCT Public Affairs, Blackanthem Military News, September 8, 2007 Read Full Article

"Sorenson VRS empowers consumers at the Helen Keller National Center"

"Another barrier to the isolation of those who are deaf-blind has been overcome through the generosity of Sorenson Communications."

HKNC Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults Newsletter, July 11, 2007 Read Full Article

Call me! Videophones make it easy for signing kids to make calls

"Helen Keller once said that blindness cut her off from things, but deafness cut her off from people. She pointed out that the biggest challenge for people who have hearing loos is communicating with other people. Fortunately for our kids, technology is helping bridge this communication gap. One of the coolest technological advancements for our kids is the development of videophones and video relay service (VRS)."

Focus Candace Lindow-Davies, Minnesota Hands & Voices FOCUS, June 2007 Read Full Article

Talk with your hands at silent lunch

"Many people are not aware of the presence of the deaf community. Every Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. there is a silent lunch hosted by the Hand Talk Club, a Student Organization of Boise State University, which is not exclusive to any particular group of people."

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Steve Ahlborn, The Arbiter, May 7, 2007 Read Full Article

New hook-up enhances phone calling for the deaf

"WASHINGTON - Phoning a friend or relative isn't an easy task if you're deaf."

SLTRIZB Thomas Burr, Washington correspondent, The Salt Lake Tribune, March 1, 2007 Read Full Article

The (Deaf) Culture Wars

"OK, so there's this Deaf couple staying at a motel, and in the middle of the night the woman asks her husband to go buy her some aspirin. So he gets out of bed and drives to an all-night drugstore, and when he gets back the motel is dark and he can't remember which room is his. At first he doesn't know what to do, but then he drives to the middle of the parking lot and begins honking the horn. Pretty soon lights start going on in room after room, and people are peering out their windows to see who's making all that noise. The man waits until every room is lit up — and then drives to the one room that's still dark."

Deseret News Elaine Jarvik, The Deseret Morning News, February 4, 2007

Company introduces phone innovation for hearing-impaired

"John Peebler remembers conversations with his parents back in the days when the deaf could only communicate long distance via teletype machines. At his parents' house, a machine the size of a refrigerator and loud enough to shake the room would spit out a large scroll of paper with a typed message. On the other end of the line, Peebler, who hears, would wait for an operator to read a message typed in by his deaf parents."

Deseret News Elaine Jarvik, The Deseret Morning News, Sunday, February 4, 2007 Read Full Article

The Olympic spirit returns

"Sports will shine a spotlight on deaf culture when the 16th Winter Deaflympics begin Friday in Salt Lake City."

Salt Lake Tribune Mike Gorrell, The Salt Lake Tribune, January 31, 2007 Read Full Article

Deaf World Games in Utah

"To be a Deaf snowboarder in a race with hearing competitors, says Jeff Pollock, 'is, in a single word, lonely.'"

Deseret NewsElaine Jarvik, The Deseret Morning News, January 31, 2007 Read Full Article